Reminder: Place Horse Racing Bets Early to Avoid Issues

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A forum poster recently shared that he believed he placed a winning trifeca bets a number of seconds before the race went off, but his wager was voided on account of being past-post.

This is a common complaint and is the same in nature as when players have wagers on in-play events cancelled for being after a sequence occurred.

Players might think they have access to a real-time feed, or that their PC clocks are configured exactly in sync with Time.Gov or an official time source, but the reality is that with internet latency, feed delays, and other connection related delays, what may seem like a wager that was placed ahead of time may closely fall outside when a bet actually occured.

Users are understandably frustrated when they feel as if their bet was made properly with no nefarious intentions, however, when there is a timing conflict the settlement of markets can work both ways; in some cases players benefit by being out of sync with their money back on what would have resulted in a losing wager.

Reputable sports betting sites do not cherrypick wagers to grade as wins or losses, and in the case of horse racing bets rely on systems with automated components to flag past-posts automatically.

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