Redbet punishes bettor for their lines manager falling asleep

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A Redbet Sportsbook player has filed a grading dispute.

The wager was on a tennis match on October 6 in the ATP Challenger Tour between Taylor Fritz and Connor Smith.

The player wagered €120 several hours before the match began on the money line market.

The player pointed out that the rest of the market opened at 1.87 on Fritz, while Redbet opened their odds 1.76. The market average dropped to 1.41 before the game, though Redbet failed to adjust their odds with the rest of the market, which is commonly referred to in the sports betting industry as "falling asleep at the wheel".

Redbet Sportsbook voided the player's winning bet on Fritz, and claimed that the bet was voided due to "wrong prices on the market" - though the odds were clearly in line with the opener, and simply failed to adjust when the market later moved. Players should not have their bets voided on accounts of books failing to update their odds, "bad lines" are cited when a price is clearly a result of a clerical error, not standard line movement.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with Redbet to discuss this case.

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