Redbet Provides their Reasoning for Confiscating €2,000

Share with: Sportsbook has addressed the complaint involving a player who stated that his winnings were voided after the conclusion of a match.

The player was told that his multiple wagers on the same game was a circumvention of bonus rules, causing the winnings to be overturned.

Sportsbook Review argued that the bets had action and the player had a chance of losing the wagers - this constitutes what's known in the industry as a freeroll.

As a result of the overturned market, the player lost €2,000.

Redbet counter argued SBR's position by stating that the bonus terms were clearly not followed and that they believed this confiscation to be how most online sportsbooks would handle the matter. SBR again argued that the wager could have been voided before it went off or the software could have prevented the bet from being placed.

SBR has advised the player that his only recourse is to take his complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA, previously known as the "LGA") because if the MGA sees it SBR's way, their position on the dispute would be binding or the operator would risk sanctions or loss of their gaming license.

Redbet remains open to discussing other complaints with SBR, but are unwilling to hear this case further. players in need of sportsbook assistance should submit a complaint form.

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