Redbet Player vs. Sportsbook in KYC Dispute

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A Redbet Sportsbook player has submitted a complaint.

The player has a balance that he would like to withdraw but he has been unable to pass the betting site's Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

The player provided his local ID card, driver's license, utility bill, and screen captures showing his Neteller account transactions.

However, Redbet is unwilling to allow the player to place a withdrawal until he provides a passport. The player has argued he doesn't even have a passport and that it would take additional time to apply for and receive a passport in his native country, which he estimates would be over a month.

The player is willing to have his account permanently closed if his existing documents are unsatisfactory, and has pointed out he was able to fully verify his Neteller account (which he used to deposit) without having an international passport.

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