Redbet player's girlfriend signs up to redeem the same bonus

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A Redbet Sportsbook player has filed a sportsbook complaint.

The player registered at Redbet to take advantage of a casino bonus offer for 20 free spins and won what he described as being a few Euros.

The player continued wagering and scored big on one casino game, but was told that he was not eligible to redeem his winnings.

Redbet cited the following rule from their terms and conditions:

Redbet Sportsbook: "Your withdrawal has been interrupted since we paid attention to multiple accounts on the same IP address has utilized the same bonus offer. This is not allowed according to our general terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered your account:7.3 Bonuses and / or free spins can only nyttas once a game account, is not permitted in any way seek to circumvent this restriction by a player uses another's Player Account in order to benefit from more than one possible bonus / free spins. Bonuses and / or free spins can only be used once per household, family, household address, email address, IP address, and the accounts that are used from environments where computers are shared (eg schools, workplaces, library). Game Operator reserves the right to close an account and seize any existing funds if the gaming operator suspects that any form of abuse, deception or other improper use of Games account occur. The profit that you received with this bonus offer is therefore not a win we can meet as valid and our security has confiscated this amount permanently."

The player has claimed that his girlfriend signed up with Redbet the same week he was playing in the casino to redeem the bonus, and that he did not realize this was an infraction.

He asked if he still has a case to be paid his winnings. However, the player clearly breached the bonus promotion rules on multiple accounts, and if he did not actually deposit his own funds and was playing with a free bet all along, the online sportsbook has acted fairly.

This casino complaint against Redbet should serve as cautionary advice for players thinking of having family members or spouses sign up to redeem the same sportsbook or casino bonus - doing so runs the very likely risk of not being able to play with that online sportsbook in the future and losing an earned balance.

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