bettor owed $4,450 for over one month

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A sports bettor has submitted a payout complaint and also shared his complaint in the SBR Posting Forum.

The player placed a withdrawal for $2,500 on May 4 and $1,950 on May 14.

He has pointed out that the online sportsbook advises 15 to 20 business days to receive payment.

It has now been over 30 business days and the player has received a generic email concerning delays, so the player has filed a complaint seeking the assistance of Sportsbook Review.

Who is Realbet?
Realbet is hosted by Futurebet, one of the biggest off-shore scam companies of all time. The software provider had their own hosting, processing, and facility and used it to cheat both players and licensees out of millions of dollars. It is currently unknown if Realbet has their own deal inside of Futurebet and handles their own processing such as a Topbet Sportsbook (no affiliation to Realbet).

Sportsbook Review is investigating.

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