Readytobet Bonus Complaint: Player Given 1 EUR Max Bet

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Update: Management addressed the issue with SBR. The situation was caused by a software bug which was resolved.

A Readytobet Sportsbook player has submitted a bonus dispute.

The player stated that he accepted a bonus on February 16, and has already put €1,700 toward his bonus play-through.

With €300 in wagers left to complete and just four days to finish the turnover, he has claimed that he was limited to a maximum of €1 per bet.

The industry standard in such a case is for the online betting site to simply pay the player his winnings and a prorated percentage of the bonus. If he had completed say 85% of the bonus rollover, he should be paid his balance and 85% of the bonus.

Readytobet is a newly rated sportsbook; SBR established Readytobet at a starter rating of C+ January of 2015.

Management at the time expressed a willingness to discuss player complaints. Sportsbook Review will speak with Readytobet about this situation and determine if they are willing to cut the player loose as outlined. A second option would be to remove the four day deadline and restore the player's normal betting limit, either solution being fair.

Readytobet players with feedback or who are in need of assistance should write to SBR at


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