Ready2Bet (SBR rating C) takes down webpage marketing itself as Bookmaker (SBR rating A+)

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Ready2Bet (SBR rating C) takes down webpage marketing itself as Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) 
Ready2Bet responds


January 07. 2008


In response to SBR’s article published 04/01/2008


Due to a mistake during the last few days a landing page has been made available to the public. Several marketing materials were created during early 2007 and after passing review were not approved by the Management. The involved landing page belongs to the category of disapproved materials.


This is a sole incident and the page was never actually promoted. The landing page clearly contained links, reference to Ready2bet both in the header and footer and was guiding visitors to the sportsbook’s homepage.


The claim of brand “impersonation” can’t be ratified since the landing page clearly contained elements of the Ready2bet brand that will make the cause of such a tactic unsuccessful.


Finally the landing page initially was not intended to be made available to the public eye and more specifically to be used in any marketing activities. Once the incident came to our attention the response was immediate and the creative materials were removed within 24 hours.


The company retains good relationships and respects the parties involved and will not want to jeopardize them by adopting the implementation of such tactics.


The management regrets that such a misunderstanding has occurred and apologizes for any inconvenience that may have been created.

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