Racebets betting limit dispute update

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Racebets.com has addressed the player dispute published by SBR on November 8th. In that report, a player claimed he deposited €2,000, received a 20% bonus and was eventually limited to €1 stakes. Racebets management told SBR the player did not attempt a payout request, clarifying that his bonus would be prorated and all winnings paid as normal.

Further investigation also revealed that three additional accounts were registered with the player's surname, from the same device, and through a referral link associated with the player at the center of this dispute.

Racebets has removed the ill-gotten bonuses and closed all accounts. Racebets will pay the accounts in full.

SBR also viewed other evidence it agreed not to disclose so as to not provide a blueprint for would-be scammers. SBR considers this dispute satisfactorily resolved in-line with gaming industry standard, and invites Racebets users to share their feedback via email.

Link to original Racebets dispute

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