Question from SBR mailbag: "What to do if my account is hacked?"

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A Sportsbook Review reader has claimed that his $750 balance was lost in his sportsbooks' online casino.

He has no roommates, and said he has no idea how this could have happened. He launched a complaint with SBR for the issue to be pursued and hoped that his lost funds could be credited back to him.

SBR followed up with the betting site in question. The funds were indeed lost in the casino, but at a game which the player has accessed before and after the alleged account breach. The IP address did not match the player's previous history, however.

So, if your funds are lost by someone other than yourself, what recourse do you have and is there a precedent for losses to be reimbursed by online sportsbooks? In most all cases, the short answer is very little, and no, not really.

Protecting your log-in details & password
An online sportsbook account is no different than your Bank of America or Scottrade account. You should be very careful how and where you access the account. Do not use a simple password containing common words or phrases that can be cracked through software by running thousands of combinations of words from a dictionary. There are sophisticated programs that will run for days attempting to crack passwords; so make sure to use a strong password even your significant other could not guess.

In today's tech, even having a medium strength password is not necessarily enough. Make sure that your wireless network is adequately secured and using a strong, custom password of its own. Never leave your network unsecured, and if you are not PC savvy, wired is the way to go and generally much safer.

Some sportsbooks distribute credentials including password via email upon registration. Print out the letter if you must, but do not keep it sitting in your email account, which has security concerns of its own.

Be careful with what you upload to cloud based storage servers, too. While celebrity nudes are in higher demand and most likely command a prettier penny than your online sportsbook account, take nothing for granted. Sometimes there really is no substitute for a pen and pad.

In what scenario would my losses be returned by an online sportsbook?
First, stick with quality sportsbooks to minimize worry over what ifs.

Many times a sportsbook will give a good player the benefit of the doubt. If you're pressing for a casino rebate every other week and you treat sportsbook employees like crap, don't expect to be taken any more seriously than the boy that cried wolf. But, in some cases, if a sportsbook determines that you are credible and your account does seem to have been compromised, there have been refunds issued. This is by no means a license to take a shot in the casino or sportsbook; even if your wireless network was hacked, or your email was compromised, or you clicked one of those pesky pop-up ads when watching a live stream of an event, your account is still your responsibility.

Check your sportsbook accounts daily, keep records of your bets, and use the internet responsibly. A majority of players only challenge is beating the sportsbook numbers or the casino's hold.

Players with sportsbook complaints should write to

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