Q&A with Online Sportsbooks: World Series Betting Recap

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Sportsbook Review has surveyed top online sportsbooks on how their sportsbooks made out throughout the World Series, and what notable action came in from both regular players and "sharp" bettors.

Online sportsbook BetDSI (SBR rating A+) has shared some insight into how their online sportsbook performed. This Q&A is attached below.

Sportsbook Review: How did players wager throughout the MLB Playoffs and how did BetDSI make out?

BetDSI Sportsbook: The least bet side throughout were the Royals - fans and sharps liked the Astros from the beginning to end, public liked the Blue Jays to beat KC (sharps on KC), series final sharps had KC but we still needed them based on heavy wager count on the Mets.

Sportsbook Review: How about the futures market, any notable action on either the Royals or another team?

BetDSI Sportsbook: Yankees had a lot of World Series support early in the year at what would be considered big 'for them' (+3800) and AL [betting] at (+1750). Sharps also liked Yanks as well as Cardinals (+1300) and NL (+625).

Sportsbook Review: Interesting that there were some sharps on the Yankees. How did the public wager when the post-season was set?

BetDSI Sportsbook: Public was behind the Astros early, and late as well when the post-season was set, also to win AL. There was very little early support at all for the Blue Jays, Rangers, Mets, and Cubs once the field was set. Cubs were the popular series side early vs. the Cardinals, sharps also loved Mets series over Cubs though - Mets over Cubs was very good for us as there was so much action on the Cubs. Public played the Blue Jays once post-season was set in both series (vs. Rangers and vs. Royals). Sharps played Royals series price over the Blue Jays.

Sportsbook Review: There's a funny discussion at our forum concerning a report that a sports tout won a $100,000 futures bet on the Royals. Can you share any numbers on large futures bets normally received at BetDSI?

BetDSI Sportsbook: We typically take $50,000 on futures bets, but rare that a bet that size would come on a heavy underdog - the biggest we took for World Series wagering was $25,000.

Sportsbook Review will update this article if any additional insight is shared from other sportsbooks.

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