Q&A with Jetbull Sportsbook on Tripbet takeover

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Online sportsbook Jetbull (SBR rating C) has discussed their recent takeover of Tripbet.com accounts with SBR.

Jetbull clarified the questions posed by SBR following a report yesterday that came after a player indicated their balance was migrated over from Tripbet to Jetbull.

The week prior, a Tripbet.com player was concerned they may not be paid following Tripbet's web suspension.

Jetbull confirmed that Tripbet players have been moved to Jetbull following an agreement between both companies which was facilitated in part by EveryMatrix. Jetbull opted to take on Tripbet players.

SBR: Will pending wagers be honored? What about pending payouts?

Jetbull: "Before players' migration, EveryMatrix is taking care of all their open bets and pending withdrawals."

SBR: Do players need to do anything special before logging in?

Jetbull: "After migration, Jetbull.com receives all users’ personal details and their balances except the betting history. From this moment, all players migrated will be able to login under Jetbull.com using their previous credentials."

SBR: Are all Tripbet.com users welcomed at Jetbull?

Jetbull: "There might be some situations when migrated users will be from territories where Jetbull.com stopped his activity and they will not be able to login. If there is any user under this situation we recommend them to contact our support team and together we will find a way to solve the problem and assure that they will be able to take out their funds."

Sportsbook Review encourages Tripbet.com players with any issues logging in to contact Jetbull support at support@jetbull.com, or to file a sportsbook complaint if they require assistance from SBR.

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