Pulsebet complaint update

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Pulsebet (unrated) has satisfactorily produced evidence that the player from SBR's May 26th report engaged in fraud. Pulsebet refunded the player's deposit of £152 after discovering the player's account was fraudulent. | Pulsebet statement


Pulsebet manager:  Basically the player used 2 different accounts, received 100% deposit bonus on both of them, and bet on all possible outcomes of a game, in a way that if either side wins, he doubles his 2 deposits in one of the accounts. And now, after he tried to cheat us, he asks for withdrawal. We also connected him to a 3rd account. We don't tolerate multiple account usage, nor bonus hunting, nor such fraud. Also the documents he sent didn't match with the information he left on file. We have an entire wave of the same pattern of such fraud from Belarus, therefore we limited the entire country today

SBR has concluded that Pulsebet acted fairly.

Pulsebet's corporate setup is in Costa Rica, while customer service is run from Bulgaria. Pulsebet's software is provided by ImperatorGaming. SBR advises bettors to use caution when choosing to deposit at unrated sportsbooks. Pulsebet players with feedback are encouraged to write to help@sportsbookreview.com to document their experience.


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