Protecting Your Sportsbook Account: 5 Essential Steps

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SBR receives thousands of sportsbook complaints a year. A small percentage of these complaints come from players who claim their accounts have been hacked. While some claims are proven to be fraudulently made, others have been caused by security issues on the user's end that played right into the hands of rogue third parties. Sportsbook accounts must be protected.

The following tips are intended to help players decrease the likelihood of having their accounts compromised.

Tip #1: Don't use the same password everywhere
Use a unique password for every site. This applies to e-mail accounts, online banking log-ins, eBay, Facebook, or any other website connected to your sportsbook account. In nearly all cases where a sportsbook account is accessed without authorization, a common password was used. In addition, using the same password at multiple sites makes identifying the source of an attack infinitely more difficult. It also creates the possibility that multiple accounts are compromised. Use a different password for each site that you log into.

Tip #2: Use a strong password with random letters and numbers
Having your password use a combination of your name and date of birth is a terrible idea. The same applies for family member names or the name of your pet. Your password must be a random combination of upper & lowercase letters and numbers. Sophisticated cracking programs run thousands of name and number combinations.

Rule #3: Secure your wireless network
If you access the internet wirelessly, there are vital steps you must take to secure your wireless network. The first is to change the default administrator log-in used to configure your router. The second is to enable a form of network encryption such as WPA or WEP; nowadays most routers will offer such options by default. Choose a random security key using the same parameters as you do when selecting an online password. Finally, replace your default SSID (network name) to something custom.

Rule #4: Avoid accessing your sportsbook account in public locations
While it can be tempting to place a bet from the local Starbucks, doing so poses a number of risks that can spell trouble down the road. One of the vulnerabilities that come with using a public computer to submit your account details is the possibility for these details to be stolen. Scammers can use tools such as keyloggers to record all of a computers keyboard strokes. They can then import this information onto their personal machines and proceed to carry out their attacks.

Rule #5: Keep your sportsbook account hidden

Only sportsbook employees should have access to your account details. If you have doubts on giving your password to a sportsbook representative via live chat or e-mail, call and speak with an account manager for peace of mind. Never share your sportsbook account password if you want to maximize your chances at not becoming a victim.

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