Presidential Odds Swings following 1st Democratic Debate

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Online sportsbooks have made some Presidential odds adjustments following last night's first Democratic debate.

Most of the line movement was made on front-runner Hillary Clinton, with popular online sportsbook Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) adjusting Clinton by 30 cents from +115 to -115 odds.

Bookmaker's market movement is a good indicator that sufficient action was received on Clinton following her debate performance, so much so that the sportsbook balanced the line.

Sportsbook Review has reached out to a manager with Bookmaker to confirm if this was indeed their reason for adjusting the odds, or if it was merely a preemptive strike against possible upcoming bets.

Bernie Sanders last went from the odds of +800 to +1000 at sportsbook Bovada prior to yesterday's debate.

Online sportsbooks 5Dimes, Heritage Sports, and GTBets are in the process of updating their markets following the debate.

On September 25, Sportsbook Review released an editorial on if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the President that online sports bettors need; the article takes a look at Christie's track record on sports betting and internet gambling.

Below is a table of the outright average odds offered on candidates across both party lines. Only online sportsbooks in good standing with players have their odds shown in the political betting markets page.

Candidate Avg Odds as of 9/25/2015 Avg Odds today 10/14/2015
Hillary Clinton -120 -115
Jeb Bush +350 +603
Donald Trump +1300 +1210
Bernie Sanders +1800 +1150
Ben Carson +2500 +2642
Joe Biden +2750 +1000
Marco Rubio +1250 +704
Rand Paul +2200 +12500
Ted Cruz +4000 +2842
Chris Christie +5000 +4077

How to interpret above odds (newbie sports bettors guide)
Hillary Clinton is presently trading at -115, which means a $115 wager is required to win $100.

All of the candidates who begin with a positive sign + return the amount listed on a bet of $100. For instance, Jeb Bush is priced at +350, a $100 bet returns $350. If the bet is $200, the bet returns $700.

Long shot Chris Christie - who SBR cited above as possibly being the President bettors are rooting for - returns a whopping $4,077 for every $100 wagered.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers posted on notable sportsbook market adjustments for the US Presidential Election in November of 2016.

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