PramidCasino SCAM

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Email from BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) manager shows how neither (SBR rating D+) or BetOnUSA are claiming responsibilty for a player's near five-figure balance. This player's account was moved from BetOnUSA's operation with the brand PyramidCasino to's operation. Once BetOnUSA's group of sites moved to Futurebet and ended its relationship with, some larger balance holders saw their funds disappear.

Dear Mr. *******,

Thank you for playing at

They [] have not sent anything to us. Aand I doubt they will. What saddens me is that I took a huge deal of effort to explain to their Supervisor Jim what the situation is, and they inactivated your log-ins [to, which temporaily housed the accounts during migration]?! The mere fact they did that is an act of severing the ties and an act of getting their hands clean . Like I pointed out before, we have honored your BetOnUSA funds and credited your account. If we had ill intentions of denying you of your money (either money from BOUSA and your Pyramidcasino ) we would have outrightly denied any records of anything. But we are not crooks, Mr. ******, we are honest people here at BetOnUSA. Your is in your newly-migrated account. Again, the Pyramidcasino funds were not migrated to us. Remember, Jim promised he will look into this. And the only development you stated so far is the de-activated your account log-ins... like adding insult to injury.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact our 24 hour customer support toll-free at 1-866-509-6764, via live chat or, simply reply to this email. Our customer support agents will be glad to assist you.

Mr. *********

BetonUSA Supervisor

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