Posters discuss BetUS rule change

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Posters across internet gambling forums discuss BetUs (SBR rating D) teaser rule change scam.

at some places any tie gives you a push for the teaser even if the other team loses. It is very important to read the rules at each book, except it seems betus since they change the rules as they go. - Tomorrow’s Newspaper
Eye On Gambling
This is just downright absurd - a sportsbook that changes their rules to stiff a player out of ONE bet. - sean1
Offshore Gambers Digest
how much is the teaser for? Unless it is like a $10,000 teaser, the negative publicity generated from trying to fight this out is not worth it. and there were places that graded a loss + push as a push. Not sure if any do anymore. If the screenshot is legit, player is 100% right. - drunkguy
What a bunch of bull!!! The written rules clearly say it should be a push - Illusion


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