Portuguese Betfair Player has account closed despite moving to Ireland

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A Portuguese player has written SBR to detail a complaint against Betfair (SBR rating A-).

The player has wagered with Betfair for over a year, dating back to when he physically resided in Portugal. As Betfair no longer accepts Portugal residents following Betfair's decision to suspend service in Portugal, the player had his account closed.

Here's where it gets tricky: The player contacted Betfair to change his address, as he now resides in Ireland, and sent a utility bill as proof. Instead of updating his address on file, Betfair opted to close his account.

The player has claimed that Betfair accused him of falsifying his utility bill. The player vehemently protests:

Betfair player: "The document was directly downloaded from my electricity provider website. How can a company like betfair accuse their clients of being criminals with no reason whatsoever? Fortunately I had no money on my account, I would love to not do business anymore with this company, but unfortunately they are the only exchange betting company with a decent liquidity. Thanks in advance for your help. "

Fearing backlash from regulators and financial penalties, online sportsbooks are extra diligent when it comes to potentially being seen as running afoul of country law.

Betfair might have simply not extended this player the benefit of the doubt due to his not having a funded account, and decided that it is not worth servicing his account.

The betting exchange / sportsbook refuses to discuss complaints with SBR citing privacy policy.

SBR has covered recent Portugal market exits at length. Most recently, Bet365 pulled out of Portugal. Prior to that, 888Sport and BetAtHome shut down their Portugal players.

Portugal based players can find a list of sportsbooks that accept them using the SBR rating guide filter for countries accepted.

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