Poll Finds 48% of Americans Want Sports Betting in All States

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According to a report this morning by ESPN's David Purdum, a recent national survey found that Americans are divided on the issue of legal sports betting in every US state.

The poll surveyed just 1,000 individuals and found 48% in favor of changing federal law, though it's clear that likely zero of the 400,000 SBR Forum members voted in this poll, nor any of the New Jerseyans who overwhelmingly approved legal sports betting in Atlantic City.

The fact remains that because sports betting is still somewhat taboo in political circles Americans are left with choosing reputable online sportsbooks to place a sports bet with. While well-rated betting sites are honorable and pay players on winning bets, a number of scam sportsbooks have fleeced players out of their winnings over the years.

Why land based sports betting is so limited in the US
The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 ("PASPA") limits sports betting across the US to Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. Nevada is the largest beneficiary under PASPA.

Sports betting re-entered the national discussion over the last year as the spotlight intensified on fantasy sports betting and the fact that fantasy betting is legal in 12 states and this list is growing. There is an obvious double standard as betting on the performance of athletes in a sports competition is not far removed from betting on the outcome of an individual game. In fact, sports bettors have argued that there are inherently better odds making a profit on a single outcome rather than competing against many thousands of entries in fantasy sports contests where the deck can be stacked against the player as the fantasy betting scandal last October revealed.

New Jersey remains hopeful that the Supreme Court will eventually decide to hear their case to repeal PASPA and allow the state to license sportsbooks in their Atlantic City casinos. Sportsbook Review has interviewed NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak a number of times concerning the state's fight to offer sports betting. The professional sports leagues along with the NCAA sued New Jersey arguing sports betting would threaten the sanctity of their games, which predated the millions they would later accept for fantasy gambling sponsorships.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers covered on the status of legal sports betting in US states and the online sportsbooks industry.

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