Politics Betting Markets: Odds on next US President

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Sportsbook Review has created a politics betting markets directory.

As of this time, the political prop bets center around the November 2016 US Presidential Election, which currently have the Democratic party favored at -160.

Online sportsbooks are also accepting wagers on who will be named the nominee for the Democrat and Republican parties.

First-time bettors can use the simple charts on the betting directory to quickly find the highest payoff for each wagering option. For instance, why risk $175 to win $100, when you can win the same amount of money by risking $160 ($15 fewer) on the exact same outcome?

Conversely, if you intend to wager a larger amoutn such as $1,500, why put it down to win $1,650 in profit when the same wager could pay $2,175?

Finding the best Political Betting Odds
Once you are viewing the politics betting markets page, you can quickly jump to the winning party, winning candidate, nominee, or miscellaneous prop bets.

Betting on the Democrats
The best odds for wagering on the Democrats to win the 2016 US Presidential Election are -160 as offered by sports betting site 5Dimes. This means a $160 bet wins $100.

Betting on the Republicans
The highest payoff for wagering on the Republicans is +144 as offered by sportsbook Bookmaker. This means a $100 bet returns $144 in profit.

Betting on a Candidate
Below is a summary of the candidates sportsbooks are accepting bets on to be the 45th US President, and what the market price is for that wager (lows and highs).

Hillary Clinton: +100 to -140
Jeb Bush: +325 to +450
Marco Rubio: +550 to +650
Scott Walker: +600 to +1050
Rand Paul: +1500 to +2000
Elizabeth Warren: +1800 to +2500
Ted Cruz: +2000 to +3300
Joe Biden: +2500 to +3300
Martin O'Malley: +2500 to +4000
Chris Christie: +1800 to +3600
Michael Bloomberg: +4000 to +5000
Mike Huckabee: +5000 to +6600
Rick Perry: +5000
Ben Carson: +5000
Donald Trump: +6600
Bobby Jindal: +3300 to +6600

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