PointCasino players remain hopeful of cold case resolution

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SBR reported last week that PointCasino Sportsbook (SBR rating D) was still in the process of reviewing outstanding disputes filed by players as early as February 2013. PointCasino has yet to reach a decision on how it intends to handle the cold cases, but did express the desire to clear their name following negative press responding to their confiscation of player winnings.

SBR reported on July 9 that PointCasino claimed it would begin reviewing the claims. Players have filed complaints indicating that PointCasino retroactively changed bonus terms and later confiscated balances as a result of violations.

At the time of the initial complaints, two players provided screenshots showing an older set of bonus terms, which were then followed by new terms, such as restricting parlay wagers with bonus cash, that were used to confiscate winnings from accounts.

PointCasino defended their actions during the time with a brief statement to SBR that made no mention of the retroactively changed terms. The statement focused on "violations" of bonus rules and pointed the finger at players for their lack of compliance.

PointCasino claims to have come under new management and wants o revisit the individual claims SBR has received. However, the sportsbook has since made at least one offer on its own to a player that involves further deposits for the confiscated bonus funds to be released incrementally - which is not sufficient to clear the claim. SBR advised the bettor that it would be wise not to accept anything less than every dollar owed - in this case €1400.

Dispute overview

  1. Player A had €2000 confiscated.
  2. Player B had an amount over €1000 confiscated.
  3. Player C had £750 confiscated.
  4. Player D had €700 confiscated.
  5. Player E had €2100 confiscated.
  6. Player F had €1200 confiscated.
  7. Player G had €1284 confiscated.
  8. Player H had €1400 confiscated.

PointCasino players have reported that approximately $10,250 in winnings have been confiscated - in most of the cases, all winnings were wiped out with only the starting deposits left in tact.

PointCasino players that have not yet done so should submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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