PointCasino defends balance confiscations

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PointCasino Sportsbook news

PointCasino.com (SBR rating D) has defended their confiscation of five players accused of violating their 100% bonus terms and conditions. In two of the cases, players offered screenshots showing that at the time they accepted the bonus there were no provisions regarding bets on Asian handicaps or total goals scored. PointCasino amended their promo terms to disallow these wagers.

SBR argued that PointCasino had no right to confiscate winnings after modifying their promo terms. The sportsbook had many ways to deal with the accounts. For example, the wagers in questions could have simply been discounted from the required rollover. PointCasino also could have docked the player's the proceeds from the wagers that were made "in violation" of their terms.

PointCasino instead chose to confiscate every dollar won, leaving players with only their initial deposit.

PointCasino statement to SBR: "PointCasino policy is not to comment about individual cases to a third party unless its a legal body such as an offical gaming license authority asking. The official statement in general about players who refuse to follow terms & condition is that entire bonus and any bonus winning may be cancled from the account. PointCasino has several of players following the terms & condition and these players have had no issues and been able to withdraw the entire winnings. If you review the terms of the bonus you can see the offer is actually competitive and the rules are straight forward.

The bonus and any winnings with bonus money is not a property of the player but a property of PointCasino until wagering requirement is meet without breaking any terms & condition for the given bonusen. Therefore PointCasino has not and will never steal money that belongs to the players. If players are unable to follow terms & condition - PointCasino suggest these players play elsewhere." -PointCasino support

SBR has asked if PointCasino would at the very least consider crediting players who in good faith accepted the bonus promo that was later changed to outlaw certain wagers. PointCasino has yet to respond.

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