Players reporting getting advertisements from scams

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Rule 1) This site, the real SBR, has never sent an email advertisement.
Rule 2) Look for these scams to only recommend one book, their own of course, or books in their family.

Here is partial list of scam sportsbook review type sites:
BetOnSports’s scam review site = ( notice any similarities to the real SBR?)
BetRoyal’s scam review site = (familiar website address)
BetUs’s scam review site = (20+ sites involed in this scam network)


Sites are supposedly run by so-called affiliates or advertisers as a cover-up. In fact, they are either run directly by the book or put a fake affiliate between them. Many also give hosting and ad budgets as well as their email lists further proving their ownership or that they approve and support the scams. BetOnSports reportedly directly buys radio advertising for their scam site.

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