Player vs WagerHub: chargeback dispute

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A WagerHub (SBR rating D-) player funded his account with $800 via an eWalletxpress deposit. The player states that he bet successfully with WagerHub and increased his balance to between $4-$5000, before the deposit was ruled as being made with insufficient funds. The player states that WagerHub offered him a deal that if he sent $834+ fees via Western Union to cover the deposit he would be allowed to continue betting provided he played for at least 30 days. WagerHub confirmed to SBR that this arrangement was made. The player sent a $900 Western Union to WagerHub and proceeded to increase his account to more than $9,000 before eventually zeroing out his account. The player later wrote to SBR when eWalletxpress informed him that they never received the $900 from the sportsbook. The player covered the second $900 out of pocket to eWalletxpress so that he could reopen his account. SBR is in the process of gathering more information into  the chargeback dispute.

Player comments:

I was told by JC to settle the issue by sending the cash to cover my deposit by Western Union. I did so. I was then told I had to play for 30 days before cashing out. I did so. I checked my ewallet account weekly waiting for my transaction to be settled. It was not. Upon contacting Ewallet they told me i still owe them $900(834 plus fees) for the transaction related to my Wagerhub deposit. They told me I should have sent them the deposit amount and I was wrong in sending the cash to Wagerhub.It's very simple. I have to send ewalletexpress $900 to settle my account. Therefore I am out appx. $1800 when I should only be out $900.

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