Player vs VIP Sports, $77,500 winnings dispute

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UPDATE - SBR finds in favor of VIP Sports. The player failed to provide sufficient proof that his deposits cleared. The player also declined to authorize SBR to request a bank-printed statement on his behalf to solidify his position.

A VIP Sports (SBR rating B+) player reports a $77,500 winnings dispute. On December 4th, the player states that he deposited $1,500 via instant deposit. In the following week, the player increased his balance to $79,000. On December 12th, the player states that after attempting to log into his account he received a message that his sportsbook access had been disabled. The player called the number left on the screen for him, and was told that his deposit had been declined due to insufficient funds and that his winnings were nullified.

The player claims to have followed up with his bank and received confirmation that no debit attempt was made for the amount of $1,500. VIP disputes this, adding that three years ago the player had an $8,000 insufficient funds dispute which was ultimately settled. SBR has scheduled a call to discuss the winnings dispute with VIP's operations manager.

On 12/6/2004, SBR reported that instant deposits were a source of complaints from some players who carelessly left an insufficient amount of funds in their bank accounts, or caused the deposits to bounce by spending funds before the sportsbook could debit them. The general processing time for instant deposits can be up to 3 business days. Players must ensure that a sufficient balance is left in their accounts to avoid insufficient funds disputes. | VIP Sports Player comments

VIP Sports player:

I had a tremendous run. Within 2 days I was up $55,000. This was done with straight wagers. I just for once was on the correct side of multiple wagers with large risk amounts. This was truly an incredible run. This afternoon (9 days later) I was told I have a zero balance & my account was closed.

Steve, a manager with ViP says I will never receive any of those winnings. You see, they tell me that my deposit was declined. I never received any notice from my bank that any item had been returned. There is no evidence on my side that the deposit was run.

When I tried logging on the site yesterday Sunday December 12th I was referred to a phone number because my account was locked. That was the first I knew of a problem. I immediately called. I was told to call back today Monday December 13th. I did. I was told the deposit did not go through from 9 days ago. Since I had seen no sign of the $1,500 coming through I assumed being an international deposit this may take more than 5 business days. 

I desperately want to contact the owner. I understand business & I know the owner would in good faith know that balance should be reinstate d. I have referred so many people to ViP. Plus why let someone be done so wrong. How many people will I tell. One of my closest 2 friends have sports radio shows. One is in Philadelphia. The other in Atlanta. I will tell my story on the air & to anyone who will listen. Information travels quickly on the Internet. I would put my phone number beside my complaint so anyone could call with follow up questions. An owner of a business knows that a happy client tells 1 person. A disgruntled client tells 10.


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