Player vs Tipico Sportsbook: MLB betting dispute

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A Tipico Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player submits a betting dispute. In late September 2012, the player wagered a seven team parlay, consisting of MLB games. The first six legs won and the seventh was postponed a day. The player claims that the leg was not voided as he expected it to be, but instead rolled into the next day.

His second argument is that the pitchers and odds in the make-up game were different than what he wagered. has a rule on file which states the following: "II. Winnings and Determination of Winnings: If a sporting event that was cancelled, interrupted or withdrawn is restarted or continued by the end of the next day at the same location and start time of the betting event, the stake will apply to the newly restarted/continued betting event. "

SBR notes that the game played the next day was at a different starting time, thus, in accordance with Tipico's printed rules, the bettor's leg should be voided and his wager should be paid out as a winning six-team parlay.

Tipico has argued the point of their own provision and has taken the position that the wager would remain settled as a loss.

SBR continues to discuss this item with Tipico management.

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