Player vs Canbet: IBAS rules in favor of Canbet regarding 27 cancelled correlated wagers

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On May 22nd SBR first reported on Canbet (SBR rating C) cancelling 27 correlated NCAA football parlays. The parlays were for full game sides and totals. Canbet's position was that their software is never supposed to accept parlays in which the pointspread exceeds 33% of the total. The software accepted 27 parlays from the same player and all bets were graded as normal. Canbet voided all wagers one day after the games had been settled after the player made a withdrawal request.  Today the player has reported to SBR that he received a letter from IBAS ruling in favor of Canbet. It is not unusual for IBAS to side with sportsbooks in these cases. SBR will continue to pursue the case.

Player comments


Hi again,

About the same time you posted your Canbet summary, I received a letter from IBAS. They have now ruled in the correlated parlay case and believe it or not, they have ruled that Canbet was right in stealing my winnings! See attachement for their ruling.


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