Player vs. BetWay: Canceled bet dispute

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Betway (SBR rating C) cancels player's winning wager 18 hours after the event is completed. Betway claims its traders reviewed the wager, as it reserves the right to do, and chose not to accept the bet, but "because of some technical error" the stake was not refunded until after the event. The player argues that regardless of the book's intentions, failue to notify him that the bet was not pending as shown cost him a winning bet that he would have placed at a different bookmaker. SBR has asked BetWay to review this claim again. | Betway complaint

I want to strongly compain against your voiding my bet with receipt number O/0420716/0000xxx. I took a bet on Dinamo -23.5 at Rusian Superleague and around 17 hours after my bet won, you decided to cancell it. Are you kidding me? If you did not want to accept my bet, you should have done so before the start of the game and not the next day....... Is this how you treat your VIP customers? I hope this was just a mistake of yours and you will correct it as soon as possible.

Hi ,

Thank you for contacting Betway about your bet.

Your bet was not voided, but cancelled. When you request to place a bet, your bet is not accepted at once by our traders.

The bet will be parked, untill a trader manually looks at it. They decided not to take this bet, and therefore your bet was cancelled.

Thank you for choosing Betway!

Lisbeth @

I do know how it works. The problem is that your trader decided to cancell my bet before one hour and a half, that is 18 hours after the game finished. This is totally unacceptable at least if not a clear theft. Do you really expekt me to accept that it is totally right to decide if you accept or cancell a bet AFTER the end of the game?? I therefore urge once more to set things right

p.s. today i took couple of bets (i hope not the last ones with your company) and the trader decided if my bet was accepted or not within some minutes. I have no problem with that but to decide after the end of the game is outrageous and clear cheating in my opinion


When you try to place a bet over the max stake limit, your request to place the bet will be send to our traders. When this happens you will see your bet as "Pending" which means that your bet has not been accepted yet.

If we can let you place the bet you will see your bet as accepted within a couple of minutes.

If we cannot let you place the bet your stake will be refunded.

All this happens within a couple of minutes, and of course all decisions however we can let you place the bet or not will be taken before the game starts!

In this case, we couldn't let you place your bet and therefore it was cancelled within a couple of minutes after you tried to place the bet. However, because of some technical error your stake was refunded first a day after you tried to place the bet.

We are really sorry if this delay to refund your stake has cause you any problems, but as I said, the decision to cancel your bet was of course made before the game started.

Thank you for choosing and have a nice day!

Kind regards,

Robert - Support Department

Hi again,
Every bet in my betting history says "pending" if it is not decided yet. Right now i have a "pending" double bet. Do you mean that it is not yet accepted? Until today 12.00 cet, the bet was still "pending" and not cancelled. So i was informed that you did not accept my bet with some 18 hours!!! delay. It is not my fault that you did not manage to inform in time of cancelling the bet (even if i accept that you took that decision before the beginning of the game, which i have come to seriously doubt). Still if you had informed me in time i would have had the chance to place the bet with some other company. Therefore as a result of your incompetence to notify me (you could do that even by email if you had technical problems) i lost money. I believe that it is clear that i am right and i the fact that you do not admit it, makes me even more furious. I therefore would ask you once more to take the right decision even now.


I understand your reaction. However I have explained what happened with your bet and refunds and unfortunately there is not much more I can do.

I will forward all about this to responsible department to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Thank you for choosing and have a nice evening!

Kind regards,

Robert - Support Department


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