Player vs Bet33: Bad line dispute

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A Bet33 (SBR rating C-) player wrote to SBR with a betting dispute. The player wagered on a soccer match involving Paris St. Germain at -1.5 +120. The average marketprice for this wager was -180. The player admitted realizing the huge discrepancy for this event at Bet33, so he immediately placed a $400 wager. The player's wager lost, and he is now demanding a refund.

The player is attempting to claim that because he bet a clearly off-market line, his wager should not have action. He quotes the succinct house policy displayed at Bet33 to give his own argument weight:

Bet33: "Any bet on an obviously wrong posted line will be voided."

The player told SBR that he phoned Bet33 support requesting a cancellation, but the sportsbook reinforced it would not alter its grading of the market. It was unclear if Bet33 acknowledged that the line was bad. The player also shared an irrelevant story of having to contact Bet33 support to reverse a wrongly graded tennis match.

SBR reviewed the betting claim and finds in favor of Bet33. SBR pointed out to the player that had the bet won, he would not have asked for his money back. SBR would have requested the sportsbook pay the wager at the correct market line. When there is a gross error and funds are at risk after the game begins, SBR asks sportsbooks to pay the line at the correct market odds.

An example of an excellently worded and clear policy on this subject is as follows: "If a wager with an erroneous line is not voided before the game/play begins, Management reserves the right to remedy the odds to a fair market price which would have been available at the time the wager was placed.  This price remedy may be applied during or after an event. Only the odds will be corrected on an erroneous line."

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