Player thinks Sportsbook freerolled him

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An Sportsbook player has filed a bonus complaint with SBR.

He registered with Otobet on June 17, 2015 and deposited €150. The sportsbook told SBR that two days prior to the player registering their terms and conditions were changed to exclude residents of Romania from redeeming the bonus.

Despite updating its terms and conditions, the sportsbook still credited the player with the bonus and he proceeded to use it and completed all wagering requirements.

On June 23, he e-mailed the sportsbook to proceed with verifying his account as he was keen on making a withdrawal. informed the player of the necessary documents and then realized that the player had ran up his €1,300 balance through a bonus promotion that should not have applied to him given his Romanian residence.

The player argued that he successfully registered and deposited, accepted a bonus and proceeded to fulfill all wagering requirements.

Sportsbook Review echoed the player's sentiment.

Sportsbook Freeroll Explained
A sports betting site is free to exclude countries from any bonus promotion, but when a player is credited a bonus and given a set of parameters to complete and does so, it cannot then decide to not honor the balance. That is referred to as a "freeroll" in the industry where a player has the possibility of losing, but never winning.

SBR has asked to revisit their stance in the betting complaint to comply with industry standard. A very similar dispute was raised against a customer of last month, which SBR also found in favor of the player on.

Sportsbooks who have operated this way have often landed on the scam sportsbook blacklist, and are to be avoided.

SBR believes that may be well-intentioned from the aspect that a manager reached out to SBR to discuss their stance, but when an online sportsbook gets it wrong, they have to be willing to consider what a top sportsbook would do as they will be judged by both players and SBR in the context of the industry standard, a concept very similar to case law. players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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