Player states that BetPresto has failed to grade week old wager

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A BetPresto (unrated) complaint has been filed. A player has provided screenshots showing that a wager placed on January 10th which should have netted £132.97 has yet to be graded. BetPresto management has yet to address the situation.

Player comments:

I made 3 deposits on the 10th Jan 2010: one for £50, one for £42 and one for £23. They all say credit card deposits, although they were in fact moneybookers deposits.  The attached  file, sunderlands 4, shows these deposits. This file does not show any winnings from bet no, 66083, as it should.

The file Sunderlands Europe_Winnings shows bet no 66083 as a win, the winnings of £132.97 have not been credited to my gaming account.

My current account is £32.20 from bet no 66084, which has been correctly credited to my account (this bet was still open, when I last communicated with you). I have since made a moneybookers request to withdraw this £32.20, but that request is in progress (I hope).

I had two live chats with BetPresto of Sunderlands. I asked for an email of the first chat, but did not receive it. I include the 2nd live chat as two attachments, betpresto2 and betpresto2b. I used some software called framegrabber to save the 2nd live chat.

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