Player: My Sportsbook Bonus Was Prorated, Is This Fair?

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An online sports bettor recently filed a complaint because he was limited to $1 wagers and essentially had his account closed while he was in the midst of completing his sportsbook bonus turnover requirement.

The player took issue with the fact that the sportsbook did not allow him to continue wagering, depriving him of the opportunity to walk away with his full $500 bonus still in tact after the requisite amount of play.

However, the sportsbook paid all winnings, and credited him with the percentage of the bonus that had been rolled over, giving him a prorated payout based on the action that he gave the sportsbook.

He was still unhappy with this outcome and asked whether or not the situation was fair? In short: Yes, it is not an unreasonable proposition, and in fact, many sportsbooks (especially with medicore ratings) would opt simply to confiscate the whole bonus, or worse, refund the player's deposit (scam sportsbooks).

As long as the player's own deposited funds can cover the wagers, there is no reason for an online sportsbook to prorate winnings, but because bonuses are basically a sportsbook's way of giving away cash to entice action, there will be wagering terms and conditions that must be completed prior to that player making a complete withdrawal.

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