Player loses in-play NHL wager, gets credited anyway

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Earlier today, a player solicited the feedback of the SBR Sportsbook & Industry Forum concerning the grading of an NHL in-play wager.

The game was the Calgary Flame vs. Edmonton Oilers.

The player wagered on the outcome of the second period and chose "draw". He claimed the game was tied 1-1 at the time of his wager and that the period score was 1-1, which led him to believe he was in the clear and had won the bet.

He shared a conversation through live chat with the online sportsbook where he questioned the grading of a loss. He believed that his wager was successful, but was told that the wager would not count if the ticket went to overtime; though this did not apply to the situation at hand, and served to confuse the player further.

As SBR moderator Optional quickly pointed out, the game score became 2-1 near the end of the second period, suggesting the bet was graded correctly.

A representative from the online sportsbook confirmed that the game was 1-1 at the time of the wager, as the player stated, and that the wager was "who wins the rest [of the second period]", the player chose draw, but in fact Edmonton went on to score to win the rest of the period, making the game score 2-1 and the period score 1-1.

However, the player caught a lucky break. Because the sportsbook representative conceded that the player's live chat experience confused him and did not adequately explain the situation, the player received a refund of his losing ticket.

Players should always make sure to understand what they are wagering ahead of time, as this player's good fortune is far from the norm. At the same time, players are encouraged to share their interaction with online sportsbook representatives to help improve the process of customer service and educate the forum at the same time on how sportsbooks handle situations.

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