Player: EFBet Adjusted the Odds of My Winning Bets

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An EFBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has claimed that the sports betting site has changed the odds on his winning bets when the market moves against the house.

One winning bet was also allegedly voided by the sportsbook despite the odds being in line with the rest of the betting market.

In his own words, the player shares the following: "I want to (clarify) that there were not obvious mistakes in odds! They changed 1.40 to 1.30 , 2.30 to 2.00 , 1.85 to 1.65 and they cancelled one winning bet with odds to 1.65 when everywhere offered to 1.65!"

Sportsbook Review has alerted EFBet to the player's contention and asked for comment. Online sportsbooks cannot adjust odds when the market legitimately moves against them. Some sportsbooks may have fine-print however that gives them the right correct "obvious" pricing mistakes, if not outright void bad lines, though that is not the picture painted by the player in this specific case.

In a very similar complaint submitted last month, a player claimed that the EFBet linesmen fell asleep at the wheel and penalized him. EFBet players with wagering feedback are encouraged to write to

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