Play it Safe: Avoid Blacklisted Sportsbooks This Season

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Sportsbook Review mediates thousands of sportsbook complaints each year from players who feel that they have been dealt with unfairly.

Betting sites that have been unwilling to adhere to the sportsbook industry standard of doing right by players and paying on time, or who have confiscated winnings are part of the worst sportsbook blacklist. Blacklisted sportsbooks hold ratings from D- to F. Some of the sportsbooks on this list have taken millions of dollars from players and closed without paying; others continue to operate and lure in unsuspecting players.

Players submit feedback on sportsbooks in several ways. By taking the time to write in via email, submit complaints, or simply use the Sportsbook & Industry forum, players have helped SBR shape and refine rankings on all sportsbooks in the rating guide.

Sportsbooks rated from A to A+ are considered the industry's top tier betting sites and have each been reviewed in-depth by SBR.

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