Placing Sports Bets: Slow & Steady wins the race

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One of the most common wagering complaints submitted to Sportsbook Review involves sports betting sites that refuse to cancel open bets.

Players become upset because they feel like it should be evident from their wagering history if a mistake was made, but unfortunately the sportsbooks won't budge.

In a recent complaint, a player's typical wagering limit was the $2,000 and less range, and he accidentally entered a bet for $22,000. The player immediately notified the betting site of the error, but the book would not void the wager. The wager ended up losing.

In this case, the line had not moved for or against the player, and the player was adamant that he would not have risked so much money intentionally. The sportsbook encouraged him to bet the other side to cover the wager and only be out the vigorish, but the player's bankroll did not allow for him to do so.

Players must ensure that they correctly complete the wagering process, which is why all betting sites have a confirmation screen. Some software requires players to enter their password again, though browsers can auto-fill passwords requiring players only to click a button. Unfortunately, once you click, it is too late to go back.

This is why SBR suggests that players not auto-fill their passwords with online betting sites, especially due to the security risk that it can pose if guests have access to the computer.

Online betting sites are under no obligation to void accepted bets because doing so would encourage players to make requests if the line moves against them, or if they found a better number at another online sportsbook.

When it comes to placing sports bets with online betting sites, slow and steady wins the race.

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