Pinnacle Sportsbook makes statement on Cantor gaming arrest

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Pinnacle Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has released a statement to the public on the recent arrest of Cantor Gaming sportsbook director Michael Colbert and 24 other individuals charged in an indictment out of New York with 250 counts of enterprise corruption, money laundering, and promoting gambling.

"Regarding the recent allegations surrounding the individuals allegedly affiliated with Pinnacle Sports, please be reassured that no Pinnacle Sports employees have been arrested or charged, and Pinnacle Sports itself was not charged in the indictment. We expect no interruptions to our day to day business activities at this time, and will continue to provide our clients the excellent value and service Pinnacle Sports has been known for." — Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle left the US market in 2007, closing all US-based player accounts and paying players in full.

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