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Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has released a statement concerning the emergence of new online sportsbook The new venture is an exclusively Australian facing sportsbook that has a partnership with Pinnacle Sports and shares part of its name, software, and core values. The operations of Pinnaclebet are otherwise entirely separate from Pinnacle Sports. | Read Pinnacle Sports statement

Current Pinnacle Sports clients based in Australia are free to open an account with While the betting odds remain the same, different wagering limits can be found on a per event basis. Players will also enjoy the same highly customized version of the Pinnacle Sports software. The full Pinnacle Sports statement on the new Australia facing business is available below.

A statement regarding

Pinnaclebet - - is an exclusively Australian facing online bookmaker that has established a partnership with Pinnacle Sports - All operations of Pinnaclebet are completely separate from Pinnacle Sports including:
  • account registration
  • funding
  • wagering activity
  • customer support
  • marketing
To provide total clarity on the the relationship between the two sites we are addressing some specific questions customers have raised: What is the difference between the two sites?

Pinnaclebet shares Pinnacle Sports' core values but with an Australian focus. Its key differences are:
  • localised payment options - like Electronic Fund Transfers/Direct Bank Deposits
  • a Horse Racing product
  • the absence of live betting
Do I need accounts with both sites? Given there are differences in what both sites offer, and they are separate entities, you would need accounts with both to enjoy all the benefits.

What is the connection? Shared branding, and values, but two separately functioning entities

Are the odds and limits the same? Odds are the same, but there maybe some variation in limits with both sites on occasion offering higher or lower limits for the same event. Are there any restrictions on live-betting? Pinnaclebet doesn’t offer live betting, in compliance with Australian licensing.

Players with general questions are encouraged to contact SBR at Users with questions as to's operations should write the website directly. Pinnacle Sports clients should write to

SBR users that wish to discuss the new Australia facing business are encouraged to post in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

Check out the SBR review of the Pinnacle Sports website:


Pinnacle Sports is currently licensed to operate in Curacao and management has advised SBR that the sportsbook is working on securing other major licensing.

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