Parlaymakers scam; sportsbook off-line

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Parlaymakers (SBR rating F) is off-line. Parlaymakers did not provide notice to players that the sportsbook would be taken off-line, and has not responded to the latest round of sportsbook complaints submitted to SBR. Parlaymakers players reported to SBR that their logins stopped working prior to the domain being taken down. Parlaymakers has not provided comment to SBR, and has been added to the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist at the rating of F. | Parlaymakers report

Parlaymakers history
Parlaymakers was initiated with a rating of C by SBR in November of 2010. At the time, player feedback was consistent and payouts were being processed in a timely fashion. Parlaymakers also agreed to defer to SBR's judgment in the event that any official sportsbook complaints were filed, and placed the SBR Help link on its website. Word of mouth spread across posting forums that the small, niche sportsbook was worthy of a chance, and players began posting up with Parlaymakers through their main deposit option, Gold-Pay.

Parlaymakers loses Gold-Pay
In February of 2011, Gold-Pay announced that it would no longer process gaming transactions. It has been speculated, but not confirmed, that the motive for withdrawing from the market came on the heels of legal pressure. Gold-Pay was featured at few sportsbooks other than Parlaymakers at the time the announcement was made. Parlaymakers issued a statement to SBR following the loss of its biggest processor that business would continue as normal with Moneygram and Western Union. Parlaymakers customer service took a hit during the time-frame, even removing its live chat service, and as such the sportsbook was lowered to D+.

Parlaymakers added to the SBR Ratings blacklist
In the week following the loss of Gold-Pay, Parlaymakers players began to report being locked out of their accounts; their login information would not work and inquiries to customer service would go unanswered. On February 20th, SBR advised Parlaymakers players to request their funds.

Parlaymakers is now off-line, and has been given the scam sportsbook rating of F. It is likely that with a tarnished brand name and no intention to pay players, Parlaymakers will not reattempt to come back on-line. Should the owner of Parlaymakers surface with a new venture, that new venture would assume the F rating held by Parlaymakers.

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