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Parlaymakers payment dispute

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A Parlaymakers (SBR rating C) player reports a payment complaint.  On December 12th, the player asked for a withdrawal of $8,300. The player claims that he was told that the funds would take two weeks to arrive. On December 28th, he asked for another update and was reportedly told that payment would be made no later than January 7th. To date, the player has not been paid.

Parlaymakers was initiated with a rating of C by SBR on November 22nd. On 11/18, a player reported that he had $4,000 in teasers canceled. The player had made five bets of $1,000 on a 2-team 6-point teaser. Parlaymakers voided 4 of the wagers before they began stating that its limits were $1000 per identical teaser. A dispute ensued where Parlaymakers could not prove that it had a printed rule on the subject, but on 11/22, after continued discussions with SBR, Parlaymakers agreed to credit the player a $1,600 freeplay.

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