Parlaymakers, Gold-Pay update

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Parlaymakers players are asked to write to SBR with feedback. Parlaymakers has recently announced to players that their central deposit and withdrawal methods would now be Western Union and Moneygram, after the loss of their most popular method, Gold-Pay.

Gold-Pay announced that it would no longer process gaming transactions. One player wrote to SBR stating that he held an $18,230 balance with Gold-Pay at the time the payment processor ceased operation due to alleged legal pressure.

Parlaymakers was initially assessed with a rating of C by SBR on November 22nd, 2010. Parlaymakers told SBR in April of 2010 that they agreed to binding arbitration in the event that any sportsbook complaints were submitted by their players. Parlaymakers has been lowered to D+. | Parlaymakers, Gold-Pay report

Parlaymakers player:

I used GP as a means of funding other books but recently was playing at PM. All I do know is that I never requested a withdrawal fro GP and made several bank wire doposits which amounted to a total which was greater than my balance of 18,230 on the day they stopped transfers. This is an extremely big hit and I am anxious to hear any information on the future of my funds. I am hoping at least , that God Pay will follow the same course as E-Gold which is now in the process of returning funds. I have tried to contact the Dept of Justice but they have no record as of yet of involvement with Gold Pay. Please keep me appraised of your findings.

SBR readers report difficulty reaching Parlaymakers for support. Parlaymakers has discontinued its live chat service, and has been slow to respond to player e-mail requests. SBR last updated readers of the resolution of a Parlaymakers player slow-pay complaint on January 8th.

Parlaymakers management:

We have sent an email to all users explaining any funds they deposited with us via the gold-pay ewallet are available for both normal wagering and withdrawals. We are not closing and there is no need to move customers to another site. We have arranged Moneygram and western Union withdrawals for the few customers that were pending some moneybooker withdrawals.

Parlaymakers is a small, niche shop that has yet to solidify itself as a liquid operation. Players are advised to use extreme caution when choosing to play at Parlaymakers.

Parlaymakers history, payment dispute
On January 8th, SBR reported that a Parlaymakers player submitted a payment complaint. The player had asked for a withdrawal fo $8,300 on December 12th. The player was told that his payout would be processed in two weeks. On December 28th, he asked for another update from Parlaymakers and was allegedly told to expect payment no later than January 7th. Following SBR's inquiry, the player confirmed payment on January 14th.

Parlaymakers wagering dispute update
On November 22nd, SBR updated a Parlaymakers wagering dispute. On November 18th, SBR first reported that a player had $4,000 in teasers canceled. The player originally wagered $1,000 on five teasers, including an NFL leg (Baltimore Ravens) of -1.5. Parlaymakers cited a rule which disallowed placing more than $1,000 on any teaser team. Parlaymakers claimed that the player was aware of the rule, but was unable to prove this to SBR. Since the wagers had been canceled prior to any games beginning, Parlaymakers agreed to credit the player a $1,600 freeplay, an amount equivalent to the amount of equity the teasers held.

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