PaddyPower & Betfair Merger is Official

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The champagne has finally been cracked open by shareholders of PaddyPower and Betfair.

After meeting all outlined terms announced last summer, and gaining the blessing of the Irish Commission of Competition & Consumer Protection, Paddy Power PLC is now trading at both the London and Irish Stock Exchange.

The starting price opened at £104 and has risen slowly since.

The CEO of PaddyPower Betfair is Breon Corcoran, Alex Gersh is the Cfo, and Ian Dyson the senior independent director and non-executive director. There are three more non-exec directors in Peter Rigby, Peter Jackson, and Zillah Bynge-Thorne.

To read more about the now unified company and the online features offered at both websites, check the PaddyPower and Betfair mini-reviews at Sportsbook

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