Otobet Sportsbook player shares negative experience

Update 6/21: The sportsbook has responded and claimed that the player's documents have in fact only been in review for 24 hours.

An Otobet Sportsbook player has filed a general complaint.

The player has shared his feedback that he has been waiting for over a week for Otobet Sportsbook to respond and process his Know Your Customer (KYC) identification documents.

He has claimed that after providing the requested documents, Otobet ceased responding.

Otobet Sportsbook maintains a rating of D in the online sportsbooks rating guide. Users have submitted consistently negative feedback on the betting site payout policies and length of account audits.

Sportsbook Review has inquired with Otobet on the reason for the delay in processing this user's documents.

Otobet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.




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