Otobet.com accuses player of submitting bogus ID

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An Otobet.com player has filed a sportsbook complaint.

The player has claimed that he deposited €175 with the online sports betting site and received a standard sportsbook bonus.

He increased his balance to €2,400 after making a series of wagers, but this is where the trouble started.

Otobet.com sent the player a cryptic email informing him that the security department determined that his ID document was inconsistent with the "general pattern of documents" submitted.

His account was then closed and his deposit returned to Skrill.

The player has claimed that there is no inconsistency with his ID and that he further sent two additional documents establishing his identity.

SBR has asked Otobet.com for comment on the situation.

Otobet.com bettors in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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