Online Sportsbooks & the Procedure of Closing Accounts

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Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players who are frustrated that their online sportsbooks will not close their accounts.

Some players point out that they have gambling addictions and that the temptation of having their online sportsbook accounts remain open can be too much to overcome.

So, the question becomes: What is the industry standard way for online sportsbooks to handle this type of request?

The answer
There is no black and white way of handling the request. A few elements are at play, most importantly: Is the online sportsbook licensed in a jurisdiction which requires the betting site to comply with such quests? This is ultimately the biggest factor.

At the end of the day, online sportsbooks that are not bound or guided by such requirements are free to do as they wish. Just as online sportsbooks are able to exercise their right of risk management and fraud control, and ultimately can decide (provided that legitimately earned balances are paid) that players are or are not able to play with their sportsbook, sportsbooks can decide to keep accounts open, too.

How should a player handle the refusal to have their sportsbook account closed?
Some times, the reason online sportsbooks will not agree to a request, or not agree an unlimited amount of times to close a sports betting account is because the process was granted once before, but players had a quick change of heart and it became a hassle dealing with customer service, mediating disputed winnings, and the like.

As a result, SBR suggests players simply change their password and then discard it - this eliminates the online sportsbooks who simply keep accounts open even after saying the accounts are closed.

Sportsbook Review recognizes that gambling addiction can be very serious, and makes channels of help available on the footer of the homepage for players to find support groups in their area.

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