Online sportsbooks line movement on Pacquiao vs. Algieri

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Online sportsbooks opened the line for Manny Pacquiao at -1250 earlier this fall. Sports bettors would have had to lay $1,250 for a return of $100, while a bet on opponent Chris Algieri began trading at +800 or 8 to 1.

There has been a sizable ripple in the previous few weeks, as Jason Lake reported in his SBR Picks column, as the price on underdog Algieri shortened by 25%. A bet on Algieri now returns 6 times your investment.

Line monitoring service SBR Odds shows that the average market price for Pacquiao is -1067, in other words a $1,067 wager must be placed to record a profit of $100. The prohibitively priced line improves a hair factoring in the strength of each sportsbook bonus, so SBR recommends players check the starting free-play or cash incentives before making a decision on where to bet.

The same logic calculating odds value against the bonus on shortly priced Pacquiao applies to underdog Algieri, as while one sportsbook might offer a 20% less return on the unbeaten American, with a greater true bonus per play the gap is closed between betting sites.

The below grid updates dynamically and shows the currently available outright winner's market price. Whenever a line changes the odds will flash red showing which sportsbook has adjusted their pricing; the red lasts for 30 seconds, a change within the last 60 seconds is yellow, and last 90 seconds orange. The feeds powering this odds widget come directly from the betting sites and update instantly.

Players looking to wager the November 22 event will be able to navigate wagering markets posted in the Pacquiao vs. Algieri betting props directory. In addition to a real-time view of the outright winner odds, SBR analysts will be compiling every exotic bet offered. Some of the props expected to be released are knockout related: Betting on the favorite or underdog to win in a certain round, a victory by an exact margin of points across the judges' score cards, unanimous or split decision, and many more.

For added coverage on the opening moneyline market and how the odds currently stack up between sportsbooks, SBR video analyst Dax Floyd delivered the following breakdown:

SBR will post further updates the week of the fight. Two additional video breakdowns are planned and a wagering guide listing the best available proposition bets. Sportsbook lines will be measured and compared to reflect which betting site has the highest payoff on a given bet; where applicable, SBR will note the difference between the pure bonus value at each site.

Sports bettors who wish to exchange handicapping strategies or information on bonuses for betting the Macao match-up are encouraged to register free SBR Forum accounts and stop by the boxing & UFC betting forum.

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