Online sportsbooks Home Run Derby prop bets comparison

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Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby is available for wagering at a number of online sportsbooks. The Sportsbook Review MLB Prop Betting Directory lists out the available prop betting markets. As of right now, Yasiel Puig is approximately +550 to win the HR Derby at 5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+). A $100 wager returns $550 for Puig to win the 2014 Home Run Derby. This is presently the best available payoff on Puig to win the HR Derby.

Another popular home run derby market are the head to head match ups of players that are based on round one performance. You can bet on Yasiel Pug sending more out of the park than his MLB counterparts. The pricing of these markets differ slightly from each of the online sportsbooks, so locking in the best available market price by using the MLB Prop Betting Directory is a good idea.

Other match ups include Jose Bautista as a -155 favorite to outscore Josh Donaldson who is offered at +135. These specific odds can be found at Bookmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating A+).

How to shop for the best baseball sportsbook

Sportsbook Review released an MLB betting guide which went into the baseball sportsbooks reviewed for the 2014 season, and the criteria sports bettors may wish to use in selecting a top notch company. One thing many sports bettors look to before deciding to place baseball bets is the pricing behind every line. The most popular sportsbooks offer what are called dimelines: A baseball line where approximately 5% commission is charged on a PK em line, resulting in a 10¢ spread between the favorite and underdog price. For example, if the Cardinals and Bluejays moneyline odds are -130 / +120, you are betting an MLB dimeline.

How important are baseball betting prices?

Very. It is challenging enough in and of itself to beat the bookmaker. Take the extra value when it is available to you. Over the course of a 162 game season, there is no need to sacrifice the added value offered by choosing an online sportsbook which offers dimelines. Getting the biggest return for every wager is something that can make all the difference of a winning, losing, or break-even season.

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