Online Sportsbook Weekly News Recap: SBR iGaming Video

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Sportsbook Review host Natalie provides an SBR iGaming News video update for Friday, July 4. Topics discussed in today's broadcast include the recent HitItBet Sportsbook dispute filed by a player, news on former Intrade co-founder Ron Bernstein's latest business venture, and more online sportsbook news and information.

Sportsbook Review reported on a HitItBet sportsbook dispute earlier in the week. In that dispute, it was detailed that a player launched a sportsbook complaint with SBR indicating that his account was blocked. He provided HitItBet with his driver's license as proof of ID but this was rejected. The sportsbook went on to request either a photo ID or passport to verify the account. In this particular case, HitItBet's request was not unreasonable, although SBR has come down hard on HitItBet for unfair confiscations in past disputes.

As far as verifying accounts is concerned, SBR advises players to back up documents that will most likely be recycled in the future when playing with online sportsbooks. In this day and age of the industry and with scams running rampant through certain transaction methods and to some extent through the internet in general, not to mention licensing requirements from different governing bodies, submitting your ID is fairly standard and should not be seen as curveball.

Also covered in the sportsbook news weekly update is the recent report to hit the SBR newswire on the launch of - a fantasy trading website using the financial markets model, the brainchild of former Intrade co-founder Ron Bernstein. TradeSports attempts to satisfy the fantasy sports buffs as well as financial gurus with their unique model; whether their attempt will be successful remains to be seen. As of this time the website still indicates it is in beta mode, and the website does make use of automated market makers when overall liquidity is down. SBR users who have feedback on the business are encouraged to write in.

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