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San Jose, Costa Rica — SBRtv's Judie Russell recaps the week's sportsbook news updates. | Sportsbook news transcript





BetEd Sportsbook Offered Bailout
On May 25th, BetEd was one of seven gambling websites which had their domain name seized by US authorities. Players have been unable to log into their accounts since May 25th, and have not been given a direct statement from BetEd about the status of their funds.


SBR recently reported that BetEd was offered a bailout deal on May 27th by a highly rated sportsbook. The unnamed rescuing book has offered to cover BetEd player balances in full and no deposit would be required for players to have their funds guaranteed! So if BetEd were to accept the proposal, players would regain access to their balances at the new sportsbook.

However BetEd has not yet agreed to the bailout offer and SBR has learned that a third-party is attempting to broker a deal to move the players to a different sportsbook with a rollover requirement. While players await new developments, SBRforum posters have chimed in pointing out that cash-back bonuses and high rollovers would not constitute a 'bailout'. At this point, information suggests that only BetEd is standing in the way of the bailout's execution but SBR will continue to monitor the situation and will update readers on whether the deal goes through.

BetEd software programmer Indicted
In other BetEd News David Parchomchuk, one of the individuals named in the indictment has been mistakenly referred to by many news sources as the founder or owner of ThrillX systems. Parchomchuk is believed to be the first software programmer charged with allegedly operating an illegal online gambling business indicating that the US Attorney's Office for the District of Maryland have expanded their definition of who is in the business of gambling.

GetWin reopens confiscated accounts
On April 4th, SBR reported that GetWin Sportsbook, rated D-, closed a number of players accounts on the grounds of "organized and professional betting". Getwin's rules allow for the sportsbook to debit the accounts of players that are flagged as professional sports bettors.

Getin would not give evidence to SBR or the players after making the confiscations, and they were unable to document that any of the players were related. However 2 months later and with the involvement of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, GetWin reversed their stance on 11 of 16 closed accounts. Getwin's Sportsbook manager provided a statement to Sportsbook review addressing the disputes and stating that an "Official press release will be available in next few days", giving their marketing department time to do damage control following the player outrage after the confiscations were made.

BetHorizon accepting registrations
BetHorizon Sportsbook is now accepting player registrations. On May 10th, SBR reported that BetHorizon was acquired by Heritage Sports, rated B+. Heritage Sports is an invite-only sportsbook that offers what it considers VIP-level service to their handpicked members so this will be welcome news to players who might have wanted to play at Heritage but could not secure an invitation.

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