Online sportsbook news update: Oddsmaker Sportsbook

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Sportsbook Review provides an SBR iGaming News video update for Friday, July 19. Topics discussed in today's online sportsbook news broadcast include the recent report on Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Oddsmaker is a sportsbook that has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players in their troubled history. Despite having a highly marketable URL and a coveted player base, the scam sportsbook has fleeced players whose only offense was beating the sportsbook linesmakers. Since publishing the report on Oddsmaker, decided feedback has come in from players who were victimized by the sportsbook, including one player who claims that $45,000 in winnings were erased.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook has its marketing offices in Canada, although their customer service center is based in the Philippines. Oddsmaker is part of the scam sportsbook blacklist. Sportsbook Review has reported at length at Oddsmaker's deceptive marketing practices and enforcement of their free bet mailers. 

SBR reported in March of last year that a player who had $13,000 confiscated filed a sportsbook complaint against Oddsmaker. The player was labeled as a non-recreational sports bettor, which is code word for winning to the brass at Oddsmaker. The department head of fraud has declined to discuss the case with SBR. 

While Oddsmaker continues to invest in its website and marketing efforts, the payment of earned winnings to select users nor its reputation is of concern to the scam sportsbook. SBR reported in February of 2012 that Oddsmaker stiffed a player for $45,000. This confiscation is different from the one mentioned in the opening paragraph of this report. The player deposited $1,000 via credit card in December of 2011, accepted a 50% cash bonus with a 10X rollover, and proceeded to begin play with Oddsmaker. He eventually busted out before redepositing and hitting a winning streak beyond his wildest dreams; the player, having feared being stiffed by the scam sportsbook, decided to try a strategy of hedging out of his Oddsmaker account. This strategy worked by betting the opposite side of games at other sportsbooks. Unfortunately, he won a large majority of his bets into his Oddsmaker account, and ended up stuck with the large balance. After extensive reporting and heightened public scrutiny, Oddsmaker eventually made a partial settlement with the user, as reported in May of 2012.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook players with feedback or complaints to report are asked to write to Alternatively, players may share their feedback in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum at SBR.

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